‘Chomping at the bit’ or ‘champing at the bit’?


Which is the correct expression, ‘champing at the bit’ or ‘chomping at the bit’? You need clear, professional and readable copy. You know what message you want to get across. You have written copy that seems ready for publication, but doesn’t read quite as smoothly yet as you would like. You may also be looking for the reassurance of a professional looking over your copy, because you feel something is missing or not quite right. Our editor will go through the entire document for you and check it for accuracy, punctuation, style, consistency, potential cultural miscommunication, grammar, readability, etc.

The difference

The difference between effective and less-than-effective copy is in the details. Our editor will perform a final check and make sure that your text is highly readable for your audience. They will use the ‘Track Changes’ feature if possible, so you can see the suggested edits and accept the changes you approve.You can trust your text to be ready for publication once our editor has reviewed it.

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